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Welcome to Pensacola Charter Fishing

Let me introduce myself, my name is Captain Jim Olson owner and operator of Pensacola Charter Fishing X. I have lived in Pensacola for 50 years and counting. I have had a passion for fishing all my life and have been fishing the local area for as long as I can remember.

I have fished most all the local tournaments and some of my major accomplishments are:

  • Outcast Trout Speck Head Tournaments 5 first place finishes with numerous 2nd and 3rd
  • Bud Light Inshore Slam 2005 3rd Place Overall
  • Bud Light Inshore Slam 2008 1st Place Overall
  • Outcast Inshore Slam 2009 2nd Place Overall
  • Bud Light Inshore Slam 2011 3rd Place Overall
  • Gulf Power Inshore Slam 2014 1st Place Overall
I can make your Pensacola Fishing Charter experience as simple as keeping the kids entertained to chasing Tarpon along the shores of Pensacola Fl. I can get you up close to the Naval Blue Angels practice shows when available. I specialize in providing Inshore Fishing Charters catching Speckle Trout, Redfish and Flounder. We can even plan an offshore Fishing Charter to catch Red Snapper and Grouper weather permitting. So jump aboard with Pensacola Charter Fishing X and let's stretch some line.

Pensacola Charter Fishing offers many types of fishing for everyone to enjoy. Our Pensacola Charters include:

  • Top water Inshore Pensacola Fishing Charters
  • Speckled Trout, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Spanish, and Lady Fish

  • Inshore Bottom Fishing Charters
  • Red Snapper, Grouper, and Sheepshead

  • Offshore Bottom Fishing Charters
  • Red Snapper and Grouper Weather Permitting for Offshore Fishing Charters does apply.

  • Trolling Inshore and Offshore Pensacola Fishing Charters
  • King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel

  • Pensacola Tarpon Fishing Charters
  • Check out the video section for Tarpon Fishing Video

Pensacola Charter Fishing X is in the process of booking 2014 Pensacola Fishing Charters. The fish bite is in full swing. Give Pensacola Charter Fishing X a call to book your trip.

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Captain Jim Olson
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Speckled Trout
Here at Pensacola Fishing Charters X we like to target this species. The Speckled Trout is a great fish to catch on top water lures as well as live bait free lined or under a popping cork. These predators have a unique sound when they hit the bait. Speckled Trout feed in shallow water around docks, rock piles, and grass flats in the early morning. These fish are fun to catch on light tackle for the whole family, so book your Pensacola Fishing Charter with Capt. Jim Olson today.

Red Fish
Here at Pensacola Fishing Charters X We like to target Red Fish. These Fish can pull drag and keep the rod bent for a long period of time. Red Fish come in all sizes from slot size of 18-27 inches to monster bull Reds that can weigh over 30 pounds. We like to use live bait to catch Red Fish, in the colder months they school up and make for an exciting adventure. We also catch them in the early spring in the gulf along the beach in large schools, so book your Pensacola Fishing Charter with us.

Here at Pensacola Fishing Charters X We also like to target Flounder. The flounder is a flat fish that lays on the bottom sitting waiting on its next meal. These fish take a little patience to catch as they do not chase the bait. We like to catch them on light tackle with a jig head or a caralina rig setup. We typically like to use live bait to catch them but they can also be caught on artificial. If you want to catch flounder consider booking a Pensacola Fishing Charter with Capt. Jim Olson.

Red Snapper
Here at Pensacola Fishing Charters X We also like to target Red Snapper. These Fish are reef fish and hang around wrecks in deep water. Red Snapper is a fun family favorite as they are fun to catch and also eat very well. They will put up a very good fight trying to get you into the structure to break the line. The Snapper season is limited to a short season in June so be ready to book your Pensacola Fishing Charter before June as our schedulel will fill up fast.
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